Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI: Petition to Celebrate a Public Mass According with the 1962 Missal.

Well, from my last post you have probably gathered that I have a love for the Traditional Latin Mass.  And I am certainly not the only one!  The sad thing is, many people are barely - if at all - aware that this beautiful liturgy exists.  

I have been attending the TLM since I was probably 6 or 7 years old.  I made my first Holy Communion at the TLM.  I pray that someday I will be married, and buried, in this rite.  Right now, I have few doubts that this will be possible, but it hasn't always been that way.  Up until 2007, when Pope Benedict XVI issued a Moto Propio that not only allowed any priest to celebrate the TLM but even required bishops to ensure it was available to those who requested it, the TLM was an endangered species.  It was something that the bishops needed to grant permission for - and something they could withdraw permission for.  When our pastor at St. Augustine's, Fr. Raymond Zweber (requiem in pacem) retired, we wondered if the new pastor would have objections to continuing the TLM.  There was also, and still is, the problem that many priests did not know how to celebrate the TLM.  We were blessed in that there were priests assigned who were willing and able to continue this beautiful rite.  But still, it was a thing uncertain.  Which was good, in a way - I don't think I ever forgot that the Mass is a gift from God, no one else.  

Since Moto Propio in 2007, I have seem more and more parishes celebrating the TLM, and younger and younger priests.  There IS something special about it, something that the Ordinary form cannot quite touch.  Perhaps it is the timelessness of it.  Perhaps it is the beauty of the words.  Regardless, it is still too rare and too hidden.  It needs to be shared.  It is our past, our present, and our future.  This is why I share this petition.

My mother and sister were talking to a young woman after Mass a couple of weeks ago.  She told them about this petition, which she had helped start.  She asked them to sign it and to share it.  I now ask the same of you.  It is a petition asking the Holy Father to publicly celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass.  Pass it on!  Oh, and be careful - the site this petition is on is a site that allows anyone to start a petition.  And after you sign the petition, it will ask you to sign other petitions.  For example, the one that popped up first after I signed asked be to sign a petition supporting Obama.  No thanks.  You've been warned!

God Bless,

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